Tres Leches Cupcakes

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Tres Leches Cupcakes

Tres leches cupcakes. Seriously. I made these for my mom’s birthday political party on Sunday, in addition to they were delightful! Every yr my dad gets all of my siblings to locomote together to brand dinner for my mom, in addition to this yr nosotros had a mexican theme. My sis in addition to blood brother inwards constabulary made chicken fajitas, my blood brother made some awesome guacamole, in addition to I made my favorite mexican rice in addition to these tres leches cupcakes. It was a delicious dinner in addition to I ate means to a greater extent than than I should have, but it was totally worth it!

Ingredients :

24 white cupcakes, baked inwards foil liners in addition to cooled (I used my favorite homemade cupcake recipe, but a boxed mix would also locomote well)
one xiv ounce tin sweetened condensed milk
one xiv ounce tin kokosnoot milk (I used kokosnoot cream from Trader Joe’s)
8 ounces one-half in addition to half
one pint heavy whipping cream
3-4 tablespoons powdered sugar, to taste
sliced strawberries, for garnish

Instructions :

  • Pierce the cooled cupcakes multiple times amongst a skewer (being careful non to pierce through the wrappers).
  • In a large bowl or criterion cup, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk, kokosnoot milk, in addition to one-half in addition to one-half until good blended.
  • Place the cupcakes on a baking canvass (to grab spills) in addition to ladle the milk mixture over each cupcake.
  • Refrigerate for thirty minutes, in addition to thus ladle to a greater extent than of the milk mixture over each cupcake.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve (at to the lowest degree some other thirty minutes).
  • When ready to serve, crunch the whipping cream until medium peaks form, in addition to thus add together the powdered saccharide in addition to mix until good combined.
  • Spoon a dollop of whip cream on each cupcake (or pipage them if you’re a nut similar me) in addition to locomote past times amongst a strawberry slice.
  • Refrigerate whatsoever leftovers.
  • Enjoy!

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