Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

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Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

Ah, fall. It’s in conclusion cooling downwardly some here, afterwards some unseasonably warm weather, as well as I’m getting all excited virtually autumn food. Soups, pumpkin everything, apple tree cider… it’s all delicious! Abby, inwards particular, loves anything amongst apples inwards it, as well as thus I decided to laissez passer this crockpot applesauce a try. I fifty-fifty pulled out the immersion blender to arrive overnice as well as smooth. I unremarkably brand applesauce using the Kitchenaid, as well as it ends upwardly beingness a niggling chunkier than this. When Abby took her maiden of all bite, she said, “Well, Mom, it tastes similar applesauce, but it doesn’t experience similar applesauce to my mouth.” Still, she ate her percentage for dinner as well as enjoyed it, as well as thus I intend it was an applesauce win.

Ingredients :

iii pounds apples (6-9), peeled, cored, as well as cutting into one 1/2 inch chunks
one loving cup apple tree juice or apple tree cider, plus extra equally needed
two Tbsp sugar, plus extra equally needed
pinch salt
1/4 tsp pose down cinnamon (or two cinnamon sticks)

Instructions :

  • Combine all ingredients inwards ho-hum cooker. Cover as well as laid upwardly until apples are real soft as well as showtime to disintegrate, virtually iv hours on low.
  • Remove cinnamon sticks if using.
  • Mash apples thoroughly amongst murphy masher (or blend amongst immersion blender).
  • Season amongst additional sugar/cinnamon to sense of savor as well as arrange consistency amongst additional hot apple tree juice or cider equally needed.

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