Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

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Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

I made a few tweaks to suit my preferences, permit it produce inwards the crockpot all afternoon, too past times even out had a delicious dinner. Lizzy slurped all of hers down, too Abby fifty-fifty consented to taking unopen to bites of beans too chicken, although she wouldn’t impact whatever of the vegetables. Geoff too I both loved it too, too then I’ll live on adding it to the listing of menage unit of measurement favorites!

Ingredients :

ane lb solid soil chicken
two 8 oz cans love apple tree sauce
ane 14.5-oz tin laissez passer the axe kidney beans, drained
ane 14.5-oz tin laissez passer the axe pinto beans, drained
ane small-scale diced onion
1/4 loving cup diced celery
two medium tomatoes, chopped
ane teaspoons cumin
ane Tablespoon chili powder
ane teaspoons salt
freshly solid soil dark pepper
ane cups water

Instructions :

Brown solid soil chicken over medium heat. Add to ho-hum cooker along amongst all other ingredients. Cook on depression for 4-6 hours, too serve amongst cheese, sour cream, too tortilla strips.


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