Mango Pineapple Smoothie

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Mango Pineapple Smoothie
Our favorite way to proceed cool during the summertime is amongst fruit smoothies, in addition to this mango pineapple smoothie is awesomely delicious!
I’ve been making smoothies for a long time, but I experience similar I in conclusion discovered the undercover to perfect smoothies… frozen bananas! I was skeptical at first, but they brand everything thence sugariness in addition to creamy in addition to delightful. I’ve works life that if I add together a banana to a smoothie, I don’t involve to add together whatever saccharide or dear at all to sweeten it. (I commonly expression until my bananas are getting a niggling spotty in addition to thence simply throw them inwards the freezer to salvage for smoothies.) I also actually similar to role a mixture of fresh in addition to frozen fruit, peculiarly because it agency I don’t accept to add together whatever H2O ice in addition to H2O downward the smoothie. This smoothie is thence slowly to brand in addition to thence uncomplicated too!
Ingredients :

one frozen ripe banana
3/4 loving cup frozen mango chunks
3/4 loving cup fresh pineapple chunks
1/2 loving cup orangish juice
1/4 loving cup milk (I commonly role soy or almond milk)

Instructions :

  • Combine all ingredients inwards a blender in addition to blend until smooth.
  • Add to a greater extent than milk or juice every bit needed to sparse out the smoothie to the desired consistency.
  • Enjoy!

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