Goldfish Marshmallow Pops

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Goldfish Marshmallow Pops

They’re pretty self-explanatory, but hither are a few piffling tips I learned. First, attempt non to operate super powdery marshmallows. I’ve never had that work before, but for whatever argue the handbag I bought was super powdery, together with it made it harder for the candy melts to attach. Second, survive patient. Let equally much excess candy drip off equally possible. Mine dripped pretty slow together with it got a piffling tedious, but I intend they were much ameliorate looking when I permit equally much candy drip equally possible. Third, if y’all convey a build clean brace of tweezers, they could survive actually helpful inwards applying the piffling pearl sprinkles. I didn’t convey any, together with made a large mess trying to pose the tiny piffling things on.

I promise y’all convey equally much fun making them equally I did!

Ingredients :

1/2 – 2/3 handbag blueish candy melts
24 marshmallows
24 lollipop sticks
2/3 loving cup crushed graham crackers
24 goldfish crackers
48 pearl sprinkles

Instructions :

  • To melt the candy, house it inwards a microwave-safe bowl together with microwave on 50% ability for 1 minute.
  • Stir, hence microwave at thirty 2nd intervals at 50% power, stirring inwards betwixt each interval, until melted.
  • Push a lollipop stick into the middle of a marshmallow, hence dip it into the melted candy.
  • Use a spoon to assist coat the entire marshmallow.
  • Let the excess candy drip dorsum into the bowl until exclusively a sparse coating remains.
  • Dip but the bottom into the graham crackers, together with house stick-side upwardly on a slice of wax newspaper or parchment paper.
  • Add a goldfish cracker together with 2 sprinkles for bubbles.
  • Repeat alongside remaining marshmallows. (I flora it helpful to but take away a few at a fourth dimension from the handbag to preclude them from getting stale.)

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