Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

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Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Of all the things I’ve posted on the weblog inward the final few months, I mean value this i powerfulness endure my real favorite! Strawberry lemonade is i of my real favorite treats inward the whole world. I guild it whenever I encounter it on a eating seat card (even when it’s outrageously expensive!) as well as I nevertheless can’t larn enough. It’s thence refreshing as well as sweet, as well as the perfect agency to cool off on a hot day. I dearest slurping the chunks of strawberries upwards through my straw as well as I dearest the contrast of tangy as well as sweet. Yum!

This homemade version is every bit adept every bit whatever I’ve had at a restaurant, exactly it’s thence incredibly slowly to brand at home! I mentioned before this calendar week that I’ve been making batch later on batch of my novel favorite strawberry sauce, as well as this potable is the argue why! I utilization recognize that it’s a super unconventional agency to brand lemonade, exactly it seriously couldn’t endure easier, as well as I dearest making it this way. Give it a movement as well as I mean value you’ll dearest it too!

Ingredients :

iii lemons, washed well
1 loving cup sugar
6 cups mutual frigidity H2O (more if yous similar your lemonade a picayune less strong)
ii cups ice
for each serving: ii tablespoons fresh strawberry sauce

Instructions :

  • Cut the ends off the lemons, thence cutting each lemon into sixths or eighths.
  • Add the lemons, the sugar, as well as iii cups H2O to a blender, as well as pulse 6-8 times, or until the lemons are broken upwards exactly non smashed to bits.
  • Pour the mixture into a pitcher through a fine meshing strainer. Add the remaining H2O as well as ice.
  • To serve, add together roughly H2O ice to the bottom of a glass.
  • Top alongside ii tablespoons strawberry sauce, thence fill upwards alongside lemonade.
  • Enjoy!

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