Fluffy Baked Dark-Brown Rice

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Fluffy Baked Dark-Brown Rice

I’m going to confess correct straight off – earlier I made this recipe for the commencement time, I was a brownish rice hater. I know it’s agency amend for y’all than white rice, in addition to it has all sorts of fiber in addition to vitamins in addition to whatnot, but I’ve never establish it to endure terribly appetizing. Until I discovered this recipe, in addition to all that changed! Now, every fourth dimension I brand brownish rice, it is fluffy in addition to delicious! I every bit good similar that it’s therefore incredibly slowly to make! Sure, it takes a lilliputian fourth dimension to bake, but it is seriously cipher effort. It takes less than v minutes to seat together, in addition to and then bakes simply a lilliputian over an hr into a large pan of fluffy goodness.

I’m non going to prevarication in addition to state that it’s precisely similar white rice, because it’s not. But considering how much amend it is for you, in addition to how slowly it is to swap for white rice, this recipe is a definite win! My girls ate it amongst no complaints (which is ever the large examination for me!) in addition to fifty-fifty Geoff (who resents me “healthifying” his nutrient close of the time) was perfectly happy to savour brownish rice instead of white rice amongst his chicken teriyaki stir fry (recipe coming soon!). We’re yet working on our destination of feeding our kids amend food, in addition to I mean value this brownish rice is a perfect footstep inward that direction!

Ingredients  :

i 1/2 cups brownish rice
ii 1/2 cups chicken broth (or ii 1/2 cups H2O in addition to 1-2 teaspoons salt)

Instructions :

  • Preheat the oven to 350.
  • Spray a ix x ix pan amongst cooking spray.
  • Add rice in addition to broth, in addition to stir to combine.
  • Cover tightly amongst a double layer of foil in addition to bake lxx minutes, or until liquid is absorbed (you may take away to adjust the cooking fourth dimension addition or minus 5-10 minutes).
  • Remove from oven in addition to permit sit down v minutes, in addition to then fluff amongst a fork.
  • Enjoy!

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