Breakfast Quinoa

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Breakfast Quinoa

I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m soundless learning to honey quinoa. In theory, I similar it… it’s salubrious together with tardily to laid upwardly together with relatively inexpensive. In practice, however, I’ve had a few bad experiences amongst it. I intend the telephone commutation to my liking quinoa is to rinse it actually good (soak it inward H2O for 5 minutes together with and thus pour the H2O off) together with to permit it cool all the agency earlier I campaign to swallow it. Lately my approach is to laid upwardly a petty pot of quinoa, together with lay it inward the fridge, together with thus describe it out every bit needed for breakfasts together with lunches. It’s non bad that it’s thus mild together with industrial plant amongst any flavors I desire to add together to it. I’m a daughter who likes an obscene sum of brownish carbohydrate inward my oatmeal, thus I of course of education continued the tendency amongst quinoa, together with constitute it to hold out tasty.

Ingredients :

1 loving cup quinoa, rinsed
two cups water

Instructions :

  • Add quinoa together with H2O to a medium saucepan.
  • Cover together with pick out the H2O to a simmer.
  • Simmer, covered, for fifteen minutes or until H2O is absorbed.
  • Remove from oestrus together with permit stand upwardly 5-10 minutes, together with thus fluff amongst fork.

toppings of your choice:
strawberries or other fruit
almonds or other nuts
brownish sugar
soy milk


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